Project 52 Week 19 & 20

Well I skipped another week on my project 52 but I’m catching up again.  So today is week’s 19 & 20. I hope you enjoy.


Week 19: We celebrated Mother’s Day and since the week before had been so busy I took the day and did nothing but go to church, come home let my hubby and kids cook and clean while I sat on the couch and read, watched Paddington Bear and relaxed. It was a great relaxing Mother’s Day. At church they gave away some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (2 travel bottles) and some Dove chocolates. They were heavenly.



Week 20: It was another busy week but it was a weekend to look forward to. Our kids church had a special guest come to do a Praise and Worship concert for the kids and it was awesome. I worked the product table for her and when we closed up during the service I “snuck” into the kids service and they were having a blast.  The artist that came was Yancy. Maybe you’ve heard of her. If not you really should. She is pretty awesome.  You can head over and check out her website at