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The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country review

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Berenstain Bear’s God Bless OUR Country
By Mike Berenstain / Zondervan734857

Apart of the Berenstain Bear Living Lights series, the glorious Fourth of July has arrived! The Bear family is busy decorating with all the flags and bunting. Brother, Sister and Honey are just waiting for the big parade and all the fireworks, but they’re not really thinking about the true meaning of the Fourth of July. Mama and Papa are going to make sure the cubs know just how much Bear Country is blessed with a quick lesson that will teach Brother, Sister and your youngster about the true meaning of the Fourth.

With summer fast approaching and Independence Day very soon to follow this book is a great book to help you discuss what Independence Day is and why it is celebrated.  As a true patriot I love how this book talks about those who serves our country and why we should honor them. It does this through Brother and Sister Bear talking with Mama Bear and Papa Bear about the Bear Country parade and fireworks. It’s a great way to talk to younger kids about the importance of patriotism and what it all really means.

I recommend this for kids up to age 6. Older kids may get a bit bored.

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