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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

As summer is getting closer many of us are about to take a break from school, whether your a homeschooler or your kids go off to school. Mom’s need this time off just as much as the kids. Yet if you are a homeschool mom, like me, we use this time to also plan out the new year. However, we don’t want everything our kids have learned to be forgotten so here are some ways to keep your kids learning even though you are taking a summer break. 5

  1. Work on problem areas. Many times through the summer we will focus on the problem areas that the kids have dealt with throughout the year that seems to be a continual area of contention. Some years its been math others it was handwriting. Since we live in the south we tend to have some pretty hot summers. So on the days that its too hot to be outside and we aren’t able to get to the pool we will use some of that time to work on these areas. Even if you are not a homeschooling family you can do this with your kids. Here is a search for summer schooling ideas on Pinterest.
  2. Summer Science. Throughout the year there will be some science experiments that are really to messy to do inside so a lot of times we will save this for summer because we can do them outdoors. When you live in a small space this is really good because you can then spread out and have some fun. If you send your kids to school you can use these activities to foster a love of science in your kids.   You can find some great experiments on Pinterest.
  3. Continuing Education Classes. We live in a University town and our local university has summer classes for kids of all ages. Classes that range from beginning art to advanced photography. The kids are divided into appropriate age groups and maybe while your kids are getting some classes in you could too.  Here is a list of camps available at our local University.
  4. Library programs. A lot of libraries around the country have summer reading programs to encourage kids to read but did you know they also do events, classes and tours? You can usually find out what summer programs your local library has by going to their websites. There are usually things for all age groups and even family events for you to do together.  Here is a page to the programs available at our public library.
  5. Field Trips. Summer is a great time to do those outdoor field trips that you never get to do during the colder months. You can head to the zoo, forts, re-enactments and so much more. Local State and National parks usually have lots of activities and will list those events on their websites.  Here is just one thing available at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

Not only are these things fun but your kids are learning lots of things from life skills, history, science and more. And mom and dad might just learn something too.