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Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows review

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Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows
By Burton Cole & Buddy Lewis / B&H Kids685309

Bash, Beamer and the gang are back for the third book in the series. They’ll have to deal with loose chickens running through a fire hall, a brightly painted goat, and cows who give chocolate milk. Not only all that, but there’s a robber who is holding up stores and feed mills! Is it up to Beamer to face the robber – like that time God sent Gideon to face a massive army?

In the midst of all of this, Beamer and his track star friend Lauren try to puzzle out baptism when they discover The Great Commission of Jesus: Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. They already believe. With the Sunday school picnic at Lake Erie, it’s time for them to say, like the guy in Acts, Look there’s water! What would keep me from being baptized?

224 Pages, Printed Hardcover

My Review:

Ok I don’t have boys but I do have some tomboys in my midst and as most people would probably recommend this to boys, I think both girls and boys will enjoy this book. It is quite funny. There were many times I would read a portion out loud and my girls and husband would laugh out loud at the antics.

Having no brothers on this earth I didn’t get the opportunity to grow up with boys in the house so their thinking is beyond me and something I seriously shake my head at. However, even so I really found this book quite entertaining. The antics in this story are quite rare and for the most part all full of harmless pranks. The relationship between Bash and Beamer and how they all live, work and play together reminds me more of real life. Kids asking questions as life happens. Learning and talking to one another about God and life issues in the midst of everything else going on.

Life doesn’t happen like an after school special so I liked how this writes the important stuff right in the midst of all the chaos. I must admit that if I was Bash’s mom I would be a nervous wreck with him around all the time.

Another great recommendation for kids ages 8-12.

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