Work of Worth International

I hope by this time you’ve heard of this incredible site and organization. If not here is some information about them.

Work of Worth is an organization dedicated to utilizing the power of commerce to free the oppressed throughout the world. WoW exists primarily as an import and distribution company, for the purpose of connecting entrepreneurs and businesses in the developing world to the Western market. The result becomes people of worth who are transformed, sustainably employed, changing the poverty cycle, and freed from trafficking. WoW implements a vetting process to ensure that each of their partners model Work of Worth’s standard of ethical treatment of their employees.

Work of Worth is devoted to philanthropic entrepreneurship in impoverished regions of the developing world through importing manufactured goods from entrepreneurs in the developing world to markets in the United States. WoW supports and promotes entrepreneurs dedicated to treating their employees with dignity, paying a fair wage, and transforming lives. Entrepreneurial philanthropy is bold enough to bring fair wages to the villages and cities of the developing world. We invite you to see their product offerings and value their work so that they may sustain a future for their family’s and future generations.

There is a way you can help and it isn’t  hard to do since it’s something you do anyway. You can head over here to Work of Worth and purchase from them and in exchange you are helping someone make a living for their families in a respectable way.

They have absolutely beautiful products and I was honored when they e-Mailed and asked me to put together a curated collection of some of my favorite products from their site.  Plus with Mother’s Day coming up this would be a great time for you to purchase some of the products for the special mom in your life.

WOW CC Dianna L

I absolutely love this beautiful  Beloved wrap bracelet. It’s brown leather with a ceramic center piece that reminds us all that we are our Father’s Beloved child.

This stunning Sari hobo bag in Mixed Berry is so bright, colorful and cheery.  It’s also available in Lush Rainforest and Ocean Depths. I really had a hard time choosing what color I liked best and I love all three.

The Tribal Meets Regal necklace in Cobalt Blue will dress up any outfit from a night out to casual wear. It also comes in Black and Salmon Pink.

And for all who know me well knows that I am a journaler and I am a sucker for a pretty cover.  This Birds on a Line journal is no exception its super cute and I would totally carry it everywhere with me.

You can also check out other curated collections here.  By purchasing from our Curated Collection with Work of Worth impacts hundreds of men, women, and families for generations. It begins a journey to freedom, dignity and a better life. You are making an eternal impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and changing communities for generations to come.

If you are like me and you like to hear about how Work of Worth is impacting people and their stories you can check out their blog with stories about many of the people that are being helped by your purchases.

Thank you all for taking a moment and reading about this great organization and for checking them out. I know they will greatly appreciate your support.