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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31: Weird Quirk of Mine

I’m sure I have multiple quirks but a couple of my quirks that I discovered where quirks involve food. To be more specific candy. Let’s start with Reese Cups. I have to eat the edges first before eating the center peanut buttery part. I actually discovered that I am not the only one who eats them this way. One of my co-workers does as well. The next thing is M&M’s. After I open a bag I pull out one of each color and save them for last. Weird I already know but that’s just what I do. Go ahead and laugh about it. I do.


What is a weird quirk that you have?


I did it. I made it through the entire 31 day challenge. I have always wanted to do that and now I have finished it. Yay!!!! Soon we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.