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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 24

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 24: A Difficult Time in my life

There was a period of two years that was very difficult for me. In 2012 my hubby and I were separated by hundreds of miles due to relocation and job. We spent all of 2012 driving back and forth every other weekend to visit each other until our house would sell and I could be with him in TN. That was a difficult year. In 2013 we finally were able to make the full transition and a couple months after that my dad went into the hospital and then passed away. The rest of that year was very difficult to get through. So much happening back to back and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle all of it. Thankfully during the transition period we ere in a good church (in SC) that always looked out for me when Andy was in TN. Once we completed the transition to TN God immediately had us plugged in to another great church and it really was a help to me to get through each new season as we went through the grieving process.


Those were challenging times that I can put behind me and now move forward to the greater things that God has for us.