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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 23

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 23: Pet Peeves

I probably have more pet peeves than I should. I redo when my kids put the dishes away because the stuff never ends up where I normally put them. I really get upset when people can not put things back at stores where they go. Maybe its all my years in retail but it really bugs me especially when it is something that is right next to where it should. Had they moved it just a few more inches or even a couple of feet it would have saved the poor associate who has to put it back a few minutes of her time. I also have an issue with putting things in alphabetical order. I work in a book store and all you have to do is put the book back in the same place by the authors last name on the shelf. But that seems to be to difficult for some.Ā  Ok Iā€™m going to stop now because its really not a fun thing to talk about it just aggravates me.


What is your biggest pet peeves?