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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 21

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 21: Something I miss


There are bunches of things I really miss but the two that I miss the most is my dad and my dog. My dad has been gone for almost two years and I really miss just spending time with him. But I would not wish to begrudge my dad his time with our savior and those that have gone on before.  He is happy and healthy and whole now and I am so happy that I will see him again. So It makes it so much sweeter knowing that he is not lost to me but he has just traveled before me.

My dog, Patton, has been gone for almost a year and I miss our walks, cuddling and just the fact that he loved me no matter what. He was a sweet little dog and we rescued him. He was my fourth child (fifth if you count my big kid, my hubby).

We had him for close to 7 years. He thought he was bigger than what he was and he loved his doggy aunts and uncle (my moms dogs).  He was fascinated with cats. He just couldn’t figure them out. Now if left to my kids we will end up with a menagerie of animals. My oldest wants a hedge hog, my middle wants a hamster and my youngest wants a cat and of course hubby and I want another dog. So this could end up being very interesting. lol


So is there something you miss?