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After A Fashion by Jen Turano review

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212754After a Fashion
By Jen Turano / Bethany House

After years of working in a millinery shop, Miss Harriet Peabody dreams of the day when she’ll open up her own shop and sell re-fashioned gowns to independent working women like herself. When a delivery errand goes sadly awry, her job–and her chance at saving enough for her shop–is at stake all due to a rather unfortunate misunderstanding with a customer.

Mr. Oliver Addleshaw enjoys a certain position in society, but his real aim is to follow in the footsteps of men like Cornelius Vanderbilt. On the verge of his biggest business deal yet, he learns his potential partner prefers to deal with men who are settled down and respectably married. As matters stand, Oliver’s ex not-quite-fiancé recently became unhinged and lost a poor shop girl her job. Oliver feels bad for the hapless Harriet and, hoping to kill two birds with one stone, asks for her help in making a good impression in his business deal.




This was such a fun book for me to read. It was quite humorous to see some of the ways that Harriet got into different troubling situations. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud several times. My hubby would just look at me. It was quite funny. I really love how Jen includes humor in her books. It makes the books fun and light hearted and great for reading over a weekend. Jen does a great job of painting a very vivid picture of the mishaps that cause Harriet to be endeared to dear, unsuspecting Mr. Addleshaw. When Harriet discovers a HUGE secret about herself it changes things between her and Mr. Addleshaw.

It’s such a great story. I highly recommend you pick this one up.

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