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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 19

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 19: My worst habits

Really I don’t have a WHOLE lot of bad habits. Except, chewing my nails, procrastinating and trying to hide from people when I’m annoyed. I’m sure there is more that my husband and kids would list but since I’m writing this post I will choose to look at the good. LOL Ok so its about WORST habits so I guess I should share at least that. I think for me its skipping breakfast. For health reasons and for the fact that its hard to lose weight when you don’t get the proper nutrients. I don’t intend to skip breakfast its just that a lot of times I’m thinking about everything else that I will just drink my coffee and not eat. I know its not good. I’m supposed to get three meals a day and three healthy snacks (see our healthy living class at church is paying off). I’m really trying hard not to avoid breakfast anymore. In fact at the beginning of the week I went ahead and boiled eggs so I could have a quick breakfast in the mornings daily. Now to remember to eat throughout the day and NOT starve myself.


So what is your worst habit that you are working on?