31 Day Blog Challenge Day 17

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 17: Favorite Childhood Book

As a little kid one of my most favorite childhood books was Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. I loved that story and I remember my dad reading it to me. Maybe that is why it’s a favorite because it brings back a warm feeling and wonderful memory. As a teenager I loved the Christy Miller books series, which I still own and will have my girls read as well. The reason I love this series so well is my whole idea of a godly man (besides the example from my own father) came from it. For those of you who know all about Christy and Todd’s relationship you will understand what I am talking about. For those who have never read the series I highly recommend you pick it up. Even though it’s a youth series it’s awesome.


So share with me some of your favorite childhood books.