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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 14

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 14: What is in my handbag


As a mom I carry quite a bit of stuff in my purse. The cool thing is today I get to show you what I scored at the mall. I haven’t been to the mall in, like, forever. lol So hubby took the girls and I last Saturday and I went into Icings while there. They had this super cute purse which is normally $36 for $7. I just couldn’t pass it up because I was looking for a new cute purse that I could use as a cross body bag and this one has that capability without it being too small. At that price it was definitely a bargain.


In one of the outside pockets I keep my cell phone so its handy and I can get to it pretty quickly.


In the outside zipper pocket is:

  • my keys
  • my store perk cards/tags (I hate them being on my keychain so I put them on their own keyring)
  • my wayfarer sunglasses that I got from



In the inside cell phone pocket:

  • hand sanitizer (every mom needs to carry a bottle)
  • blog business cards (you never know when you get the chance to share your blog with someone)


In the main interior of the purse:

  • several notebooks and small journal
  • pens (a few but not too many)
  • glasses and case (for night time driving)
  • cosmetics bag (lipsticks and glosses and a few travel size cosmetics for on the run as well as hair elastics, etc.)
  • feminine products (I have two teenage daughters and you just never know when you will need them)
  • wallet (money, other cards, coupons, etc)
  • Tissue
  • hand lotion
  • Pass it on cards for my church
  • battery (just in case I’m out and need one, can’t remember why this is in there.)
  • Binder clip (because there are so many uses for these things and its great to have on hand lol. I’m sure there is a real reason it’s in my purse but at this moment I just don’t remember.)


What are some of your must have’s that you carry in your purse? Or share with me the weirdest thing that is in your purse at this time?

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