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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 10

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 10: First Celebrity Crush

Hmm, I really had to think about this one but then it all came back to me. Kirk Cameron. He was my first celebrity crush. I still have the fan pic I received from the “Kirk Cameron Fan Club” somewhere in one of my boxes of “memories”.

I was in the fourth grade and I faithfully watched Growing Pains every week. I thought he was the cutest and funniest boy I had ever seen. Of course later I kind of forgot that crush until our move from SC to TN and I was sorting through stuff and ran across the picture.  I kind of laughed about it.

I thought it was pretty cool later on in life when I discovered that he was a Christian and supports all the things I support. Needless to say I’m still a fan just not in the same way I was as an impressionable 10 year old girl who was only looking at what I could see on the outside.

So who was your first big celebrity crush? I promise I won’t laugh.


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