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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Piercings and Tattoos?

Okay this one will be short and sweet. Other than just having one piercing in each ear I don’t have any other piercings. I was 18 when I finally talked myself into getting my ears pierced.  Since it took me that long to do that I don’t think I will get any other piercings. Not that I have a problem with multiple piercings just not my thing. Gauging is something I really just don’t find attractive and so you will NEVER see that on me.

Tattoos: I don’t have any. Not that I have a problem with it but I hate needles and I am just not into it. My hubby and I have discussed having our wedding bands tattooed on but again it requires the use of a needle and I just don’t  like that thought. lol If it wasn’t for the needle I would totally get it done.

How about you? What kinds of piercings/tattoo’s do you have?


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