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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 8: Old Photo of Me

Old photo, huh? Well I had to go on Facebook to find one that I had readily available and it was hard choosing just one. So here is a few of me. LOL


Me at age 4.  I think I look a lot like Boo here. I had light brown hair and it was curly.


My parents, younger sister and I at my high school graduation in 1996. I was homeschooled and we had a statewide graduation ceremony in Indiana.  The really cool thing was that my dad (and mom) handed me my diploma on Father’s Day. Yep, we had our ceremony on a Sunday.


My hubby and I in 1999 about 7 months after we were married. We worked with the Youth during this time and we were on our way home from an Acquire the Fire Event we had taken a bunch of youth to in Pontiac, Michigan.  Little did I know at that time that I was pregnant with our oldest daughter aka GeekGirl.

So now that you’ve seen some of my old pics tell me more about you.


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