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Spiral Light Candles


I was so excited to find out about this really cool candle company called Spiral Light Candle. When they emailed me and asked if I would try out their product in exchange for writing about it I was thrilled.  I love candle’s always have and always will. When I got the box in the mail I was delighted to see this beautiful Purple Orchid Candle (I received the small 3×3). Honestly I could smell the candle as soon as the box opened, even before I saw the color of it. The candle smelled like spring to me. I loved it considering here in East Tennessee we’ve been under snow for the past few weeks.  The smell of orchid’s was such a pleasant change for us. (I’m currently burning my orchid candle while I write this)

What I thought was super cool about this candle is its two candle’s in one.  When you first get it the wick looks like its in a really weird spot because its on the side of the candle. When you light it it burns down the side and as the wax melts it’s forming an internal pillar candle. The spiral burn lasts only a few hours. It’s super cool. When the side wick runs out you have this beautiful pillar candle that burns for a really long time. I’ve been burning mine daily for over a week now and its still going. This is one of the coolest products I’ve seen and the scent is divine.  I’m soon going to have to purchase another one but that’s ok with me. I love them.

Here is a video to show you how this candle works.

Here are a few of my personal images of the candle burning.




I love the wood wick in the pillar part of the candle. It burns so pretty. The small candle is priced at $9.95 and you get free shipping on purchases of $35 or more. The medium candle is a 4×4 and the Large size is 4×6. They are so pretty and there are so many different scents to choose from. Ya’ll must head over and check them out.

You can purchase these candles by visiting the Spiral Light website.