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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 6: 3 Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

  1. Loyalty – I am a very loyal friend. Once you have made my friend list you will never have to worry if I will let you down. I have a hard time making good friends but once I do I’m your friend for life.
  2. Committed – I was brought up knowing that if you commit to something you should fulfill your commitment. My parents taught me that it is wrong to say you will do something and not do it. That has become a pet peeve of mine with people. It drives me crazy when people say they will commit to doing something and then not show up to do it. It’s one thing to find a replacement or someone to fill in for you if you know you can not be there or do whatever it is you have committed to do. Life happens and things come up. I get it. But to just decide that you don’t want to and just not care or show up. I would rather you just not commit so someone who is much more willing can be found who will do the job. Okay, I’m hopping off my soap box now.
  3. Friendly – I am approachable. At least that is what I have been told.  I was taught how to be friendly. Which is not always an easy personality trait to embrace especially when you are also shy. However, I have learned how to be friendly and not be nearly as shy as I used to be. So I’m proud of how I’ve learned to embrace my friendly nature and give up the shy side of me. Of course not completely because I still tend to not like being alone in front of people. Smile

So What is a personality trait that you are proud of and why?

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