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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 5: My guilty pleasure

What is my guilty pleasure? Hmmm I would have to say Downton Abbey. That is the one show that only I watch.  Every other person in my household either has no interest or is really too young to watch it. There is something about that era and that location that is interesting to me. It’s a crazy time of when the old way of life in England is beginning to fade and a new way is starting.

The stories fascinate me. Each character whether it is the Lord’s and Ladies or even the staff has a back story of some kind and each time it develops I am in awe at how they have written it. I hate the fact that after this season there will only be one more season and then they will be ending it. Of course Julian Fellows, the writer, will be writing a new series based in New York. I’m very interested in that as well.

I guess its because it’s a period piece that I like it so well.  I love history and historical romance so I guess it just fits in with what I like.

So what is your guilty pleasure?


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