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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Meaning of my blog name

Today’s challenge is to write about the meaning of my blog name. My blog was not always “Aspiring to Be…” (you can read about some of the other names I blogged under on my about me page). It has been changed several times until I finally found a name that seems to encompass all that I am.

I went through a time of self reflection. I was trying to figure out who I was in the grand scheme of things and how I fit in to this blogging world that was growing by the day. What was it that was setting me apart? What name really shows more about me than some clique-ish name?

I was trying to find a name that could grow with me so that I wouldn’t have to change it multiple times. That is when I finally came up with “Aspiring to Be…”. It was a name that talks about everything I am. In my subtitle it says it all. I am Aspiring to Be all that HE (God) has created me to be. I want to be all that He designed me to be as a wife, mother, homeschooler, woman, entrepreneur and whatever else He puts on my heart.

The awesome thing about this name is that as I grow and become more I still aspire to be better. I aspire to become more Christ like in every area of my life and so “Aspiring to Be…” was born. This is the fruits of many years of labor. It’s still got so much growing up to do but so do I and as I grow and learn and change so does my blog.

What about you? What is the story behind your blog/business name?