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Finding Favor with the King Review

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Finding Favor With the King, Repackaged Edition: Preparing For Your Moment in His Presence
By Tommy Tenney / Bethany House

Have you ever needed a that night? Or a that day? A point in time before which things were going wrong, but after which, things began to go right? Esther did, 211724and she learned how to create a moment of divine favor that changed the course of her situation. Just as Esther found favor with the King, you can too! Join Tenney as he unlocks the ingredients that led to Esther’s success. Move beyond formal petitions and “storming the gates of heaven” to that intimate embrace of worship where your petitions move the King’s heart and where kingdoms, people, and situations begin to shift like pawns on a divine chessboard.

My Review:

As someone who has had a fascination with Esther from the time I was a little girl I have always been anxious about getting my hands on books that talk about her and show more insight into her life.  Originally released in 2004 Finding Favor with the King shares steps on how Queen Esther gained favor with her King and that if we apply these same principles to our own life we can gain favor with the King of Kings.

I found this book refreshing and encouraging as well as gained quite a lot of insight into living in favor with our Father. I really have enjoyed reading Tommy Tenney’s books. I’ve read his fictional story based on Esther and titled Hadassah. I’ve also read his book “The God Chaser’s” book. All of which have been wonderful. Too see Esther’s life and actions broken down got me to thinking a lot about how I approach my relationship with God.

It’s definitely a great book hat I would recommend that you pick up and read for yourself.

You can purchase a copy of this book via for $11.99.