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Team Us review and giveaway

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Team Us: Marriage Together411792
By Ashleigh Slater / Moody Publishers
Team Us: Marriage Together challenges husbands and wives to travel the marriage road with all kinds of grace. And to realize that marriage is worth it. It’s hard because we are all selfish people, but God invented it to bring glory to Himself through our relationships. This book helps couples see the real potential that exists once marriage is viewed as a safe refuge in which we can grow together.

My Review:

This was just like reading a biography only instead of reading about some president or person that has been gone for a while we are reading about a couple just like you and me. We see their early struggles and misconceptions coming into marriage. Ashleigh writes about how her ideas had to change and how she and her husband decided that no matter what they were going to be a team and they would walk through life together.

Ashleigh writes about how important it is to surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed in marriage and how as life happens the choices you make will affect your marriage. But as long as you are adamant about staying a team you can make it through. I love how her husband has a few sections in each chapter where he comments on what Ashleigh writes and where we can see his input as well.

Team Us is a great book especially for couples that are just married or are in the process of getting married. I think this is a good resource to read to show that its not happily ever after in the fantasy sense or that things are not going to be all rosy and bright but that you can have a happily ever after if you are willing to work together as a team. Marriage is not something where you give 50 and your spouse gives 50. Marriage is 100/100. Both husband and wife must give their all to make it work.

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Team Us: Marriage Together

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