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Amy’s Best Friend review & giveaway

Disclaimer: This book is being marketed as non-denominational but nowhere on the authors bio does he proclaim to be a born again Christian.

Final-BookCover_frontAmy’s Best Friend a book of prayers of a little girl to her best friend , God. This is not just a picture book but a keepsake as well. It offers a place for you to write in your own child’s prayers and keep them for them for when they are grown.

From the website:

Amy’s Best Friend comprises a personal introduction from Amy followed by 14 illustrated prayers.  The illustrations create Amy and her puppy, Amos, as fun loving characters that will delight a child and can serve as a model for their own relationship with God. The book is non-denominational.
Amy’s Best Friend ends with a note to the parents encouraging them to try out Amy’s bedtime routine.  The final pages of the book are blank journal pages so that child and parent can start immediately.

The illustrations are cute and the prayers are something you would hear from a young child praying to God. The book is paperback and its very colorful and would definitely capture the attention of a child.

I love the concept of the book to be not only a cute book of prayers but as a keepsake. My children are really too old for this but its written really well and would be a great gift idea for a family with smaller children. I myself would put this in the ages 4-8 category.

The author sent me two copies of this book and I will give two copies away to my readers. I’m going to do this giveaway a little bit differently. The first two people that email me their name and address will get the books. Please send your information to me by going to my contact page and putting “Amy’s Best Friend” in the subject line.