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Women of Christmas: Prepare Him Room

I hope you all have your books by now. If not you can head back over to this post to find out how to purchase a copy. Are you excited about this brand new series? I am. I’ve been reading and studying and digging deep. But I’m not going to keep you all waiting today we will begin with Chapter 1: “Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”.

In this chapter we are focusing on Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah. We couldn’t leave Zechariah out of this, he is an integral part of the equation.  In Luke 1:5-18 we see how Elizabeth’s story begins to unfold. Of course, it doesn’t start at the beginning. Elizabeth, we have learned, is an older and more mature woman. One who has never felt a child grow inside of her womb. She is a woman that many women can relate to.  She may have been past the normal age of carrying a child or at least close to that time.  She probably came to terms with the thought that she would never hold her own child and she does not show any bitterness about her. In fact the scripture says that Zechariah and she were faithful in their service to the Lord.  Her husband was a priest from the line of Aaron. It seems they were a couple that was probably very highly esteemed despite their lack of children.  Elizabeth was a crown to her husband and he, was apparently, a very blessed man as Elizabeth also came from the line of Aaron.

We see here, in Luke, that Elizabeth was most likely at the temple the day that Zechariah was WOC ch 1serving in the temple. I can only imagine it probably started like any other day for them. No warning that this day would change their lives forever.  Can you imagine being there and seeing your husband, who was perfectly normal and fine when he went in to the temple, come out unable to speak and making signs or motions to try to explain what had happened? I mean certainly the people would think he was crazy, but instead, they realized he had been in the presence of an Angel. A messenger from God. One that had news that would bring back the hope that Elizabeth once held onto in her younger years. The hope that she would finally bear her husband a son.

It is important to mention here that Zechariah doubted, which is why he was struck mute. But I love how God made sure that Zechariah wouldn’t mess up. I know the power of unbelief and speaking words of unbelief can cause all kinds of problems. So to ensure that Zechariah (1) wouldn’t make a stupid mistake like Abraham did when he took Hagar to bear a son in Sara’s place, the Lord specified that it would be Elizabeth that would have this child.  (2) He also ensured that words of unbelief would not be spoken aloud by causing Zechariah to be mute. God knows mans weakness. And, in this case the plan that was to unfold was too important to be messed up so God took care of it ahead of time.

To be continued…