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Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby! Review

368642: #3: Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby! #3: Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby!
By Barbour PublishingThe Payne family has just adopted a roly-poly package of pudge with bright eyes and a sparkling smile. In true sisterly fashion, EJ can’t wait to teach baby Faith how to be amazing at everything (just like her big sis!). But when EJ learns that she’s losing her role as flower girl to the adorable newcomer in an upcoming wedding, it’s almost more than she can handle. Who thought a baby sister was a good idea anyway?

368642In the final book of Diary of a Real Payne. We follow EJ the precocious little girl with a BIG imagination through the changes life once again brings her way. With a brand new little sister EJ learns having responsibility and growing up. In this book we see how she learns how to babysit by going through babysitting training and how excited she is to be in a wedding. It’s a lot for a little girl to take on but our EJ is a trooper as always. Not only does she bring humor to our lives as we read her adventures she teaches life lessons right along with it.

I highly recommend this book for your 8-12 year olds. It’s another great story to add to your collection. It was humorous and fun, and I totally remember some of the same feelings from when I was her age. This book brings joy to kids and I know my niece is really looking forward to getting this book to read.  You should definitely add this to the Christmas list for your child. Since Christmas is not too far away maybe you should check out getting all three books. You can see my review for Diary of a Real Payne: True Story and Diary of a Real Payne: Church Camp Chaos.

Annie is a very talented author and I look forward to reading more from her. Head on over and grab your copy today. Available in softcover for $5.94 at

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