Our Homeschool in Review Sept. 2014

The first few weeks of school have been pretty good. The girls have worked hard and have continued to be focused on their schooling. Some days are more difficult than others. But they are really focused on doing well this year.


Here first year of high school is going much smoother than she would have thought. She is learning a lot of and focused on doing well in her work. Although we have had some struggle in math and I have had to tweak some of the lessons so she would be able to understand it better she is doing very well. She has been studying different animals around the world as part of her biology course. She is also doing some Art History and her daddy took her on a field trip to the Art museum. He said he was so impressed with her knowledge of the type of art and style’s. While there she got to create a box at a craft station that was set up. She loves art of all types and enjoys doing anything creative. She always had and we have always encouraged it. She Homeschool (1)still needs to work on handwriting and spelling but over all I am very pleased with how well her year is starting off.


She is a bit more reluctant as far as math is concerned but she is doing fairly well. Science she is ahead of schedule and reading has improved immensely. We also need to work on handwriting and spelling more with her but she has a much neater writing style than either of her sisters. With her its more spacing issues than anything. She forgets to space things out and we will begin working on speech in the weeks to come.


Some days she buckles down and gets the work done. Other days its like pulling teeth. Her reading has also improved so much to where in the weeks before she didn’t even want to read but now she is quickly seeing the benefits of it. Math she gets bored with fairly easily and apparently its because she is actually comprehending even though she just doesn’t like it. She is pretty much learning a new concept in math daily. I’m just about having a hard time keeping up.  We are finishing up a lapbook on the earth and she seems to be enjoying that.


In the Mystery of History we just finished studying about the Exodus from Egypt and some early Egyptian Pharaoh’s as well as the first Chinese Dynasties (Xia and the Shang). We have been reading “The Secret Garden” aloud and when that is finished we will be starting “The Hobbit”.

A question for my homeschool readers: How is your school year going thus far?

Are you doing anything holiday themed for the upcoming season? Please feel free to share what you are doing and what your holiday theme plans are with us in the comments.