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The Song

The Song produced by City on a Hill Studio’s is the story of Jedediah King. It’s a modern retelling of the life of Solomon based off of The Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes. It’s a story of a man who has strong faith and love, turns away from it and then it is restored.

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My hubby and I got to see an early premiere of this movie. The rating is PG-13 and I really feel that is appropriate for the content of the movie. The acting was great and the whole film was well done. Gone are the days of second rate faith based films. The characters are real and believable. Being that this movie is made for married couples I highly recommend it. It shows the struggles that develop after marriage and the honeymoon stage is over. This movie shows that it takes two to make things work in marriage. You can’t do it alone. Both people must take responsibility for the success of their marriage.


The movie hits theaters on September 26th. Get a group together and go see it. For more information about this movie and resources that are available for The Song. You can check out The Song Resources and watch the video’s about the study that was done to go along with the movie.


*I was not compensated monetarily in any way. I was allowed to see the movie for free in exchange for spreading the word about it. All opinions are my own.