Homeschool Week 1

I’m a bit late posting about how our first week of Homeschool went. Of course with how busy we were last week its amazing we stayed on track. In fact we got a week ahead in our science lessons for the older two which was kind of funny. I’m not exactly sure how that happened but it did. So this week we had a bit of a lighter load, which ended up being a REALLY good thing since mom has been dealing with really bad allergies. It was kind of funny, I looked at my timehop app for this time last year and this is the same time I had allergy issues last year.  Weird, huh?


Oh well, This first week in we really jumped in strong. We delved right into Mystery of History Volume 1 and learned all about Creation, Adam and Eve and Jubal and Tubal-Cain (the masters in music and bronze and iron work).  The girls all made creation books and drew self portraits. The differences because of their ages is so cute. Boo has really dove into her math and reading and is doing very well.  Princess is enjoying learning about basic Mechanics in her science and pre-Algebra. Although she gets frustrated some with it. Geek Girl is excited about Biology and is doing very well in Algebra 1. She is thriving in Art History, Literature and History. You can definitely see where her heart is. This week I’m looking forward to more study time with them.  I’m expecting this year to be a good year from all three.

Here is a look at the girls “self Portraits”.







So how is your homeschooling going?