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Couch to 5K

Have you ever wanted to do something and knew that it was going to take a HUGE effort on your part to do it. Well that is me. Our ladies group at church is doing a 5K in March of 2015 and I was just telling someone at work that one day I would love to be able to run a 5K one day. It’s on my “Life List” (kind of like a bucket list only, I’m not planning on leaving earth any time soon so I like to think of it as my life list).  Then on Sunday we got the list of things the women’s group will be doing in the upcoming months and that was on it. I talked to hubby and decided we would start training so we could both run one even though he won’t be running at this particular one. We decided to do Couch to 5K. I downloaded the app and Monday morning off I went. Forlightstock_138799_medium_user_1937556 thirty minutes I alternated between walking and running. I only missed ONE run time. I think for day one I did VERY well. As I was training, listening to music and praying (mainly that I would actually finish it without passing out); the Lord brought to mind that I need to start eating better and not drinking so much soda. Ya’ll have to understand that soda has been a hard thing for me to break but I am motivated to get in shape and do this thing.  I’m going to attempt to log my progress during this project of getting fit and healthy. So at the end of each week (since the schedule is 3 days a week and I’m making that Mon, Wed, and Fri) I will post how I’m doing and my improvement.


I’m creating a music exercise playlist. Music keeps me going and I don’t realize how long its been. So far I have Barlow Girl, Francesca Batistelli, TobyMac and Rebecca St. James on there. Any suggestions for others to add? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


Thanks for following this journey with me.