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Our Curriculum Choices for 2014/2015

This year has been a hard year for me to plan. Especially since Geek Girl is a freshman in high school. So we had to figure out all her credits and other things that we needed to get in for the year. If we can stick to the plan this year (thank God there is room for adjustment if need be) we will finish by May 29th. Our starting day is August 18th. Geek Girl is actually getting excited about her education this year. I’m so glad since the other two don’t want to start back yet.

Anyway here is our list of curriculum choices for this year.Image courtesy of Naypong /


Boo (4th grade)

  • History and Language Arts: Mystery of History Volume 1 (as a unit study)
  • Science: Multiple Lapbooks from Hands of a Child; A Journey Through Learning and Homeschool Share
  • Math: Printable Worksheets from various online resources.
  • Bible: Memory verse copy work


Princess (8th Grade)

  • History and Language Arts: Mystery of History Volume 1 (as a unit study w/various printable and online resources for supplement)
  • Science: Supercharged Science
  • Math: Saxon Algebra 1/2
  • Bible: Memory Verse copy work


GeekGirl (9th Grade)

  • History & Language Arts: Mystery of History Volume 1 (as a unit study)
  • Science: Supercharged Science along with some supplemental Notebook studies on Biology
  • Math: Saxon Math Algebra 1
  • Extracurricular: Art History unit studies and Physical Ed (various online plans and daily exercise plans will incorporate the Wii Fit into this)
  • Work Experience: Nursery work at the church as well as other volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


That is what I have planned at the moment and I am still working on all the minor details and planning but that is my overall plan and goal for what we will be using this year in our homeschool.


What are your plans?  Leave me a comment below and let me know how your planning is coming along and/or when you will be starting back to school.

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