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Spreading Joy Daily {Giveaway}

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in someone’s life but your resources are very limited? IMG_20140613_100630Well fear not because Marie Wikle has written a book called Spreading Joy Daily:  Ideas to motivate the discouraged and increase awareness for anyone with limited resources, seeking to make a difference.

In this book Marie has it divided by month  and writes ideas of what you can do each day to help spread a little bit of joy into someone else’s life.  Here is an example of what you can find inside this book.

June 18 – Thank for Teaching With Your Heart

Give a note to a Sunday School Teacher (or school teacher) that made a difference in your life. Technology makes I so easy to find people. The lasting effect in their heart will make the time you spend finding them worth it. You can search while you are watching your favorite TV show.  IMG_20140613_100732 (1)

At the end of each month there is a section called  “nuggetsofJOY” These have quotes or information that will help to encourage you to be joyful and want to share joy with others.

I know there are times I have struggled with ways to make a difference for someone. And now we can find great ideas and resources to do just that without costing us anything or very little.

I really enjoyed reading the different ways I can be a blessing to others and its so full of many more ideas.

For those of you today who come to the blog I have a little perk just for you. I am giving away a signed copy of this  book to one lucky reader. All you have to do is fill out and follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who would just like to go ahead and purchase the book you can do so by checking it out here. All the proceeds of this book go back into helping others. The Spreading Joy organization does not have any outside employee’s or staff that are paid so when you purchase it goes right back into helping people.  It is available as a softcover book or Kindle version. IMG_20140613_102530

Also Marie gives us these really cool “Your order has been paid for” cards for you to use when you pay for someone else’s meal or order. You can get these free by sending a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to her. To find out more information about these cards you can click here. The winner of the giveaway will also receive a set of these cards as well.

Make sure to head over and support Spreading Joy by liking them on Facebook, Following them on Twitter and Pinterest.

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5 thoughts on “Spreading Joy Daily {Giveaway}

  1. Thank you Dianna for posting this review and for sharing what we are trying to accomplish over at Spreading Joy!!

    I’m honored that you’d take the time to share with your readers!

    have fun Spreading Joy and making a difference!



  2. Looks like a good book 🙂 Now I see, I didn’t notice the verify pictures. Usually I see letters, I just didn’t see the pictures. There is nothing wrong with the comment box, it was just me, lol 😀


    1. LOL I understand that. I had to do something because I was getting so much spam to get rid of it. That captcha was cute and different from others so I thought I would try it. 🙂


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