Passion The Bright Light of Glory by Louie Giglio {Review}

9110114: Passion! The Bright Light of Glory Passion! The Bright Light of Glory
By Louie Giglio / Thomas NelsonDo you want to make a difference—to live a life that’s significant and purposeful? What is it that drives you to bring glory to God? Some of today’s most gifted communicators—including Francis Chan, John Piper, Beth Moore, Judah Smith, and Christine Caine—join Giglio in revealing what it means to burn with a passion for Christ. 272 pages, softcover from Nelson.


My Review:

I must say there are certain authors that I absolutely love to read and there are other’s that I prefer to hear speak. This book happens to be one of them. I absolutely love Louie Giglio and have certainly enjoyed watching his DVD collection especially Indescribable but as far as reading his writing I got a bit bored. Now remember this is just my opinion and what he says is good it just didn’t keep my attention. That said there was some really good chapters written not only by Louie Giglio but also by his contributors: Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Christine Caine and others.

Even though its not my favorite book doesn’t mean everyone will not like it. I recommend you make the decision for yourself.  If you are a fan of the other contributors as well as Louie than by all means go pick up a copy. I just was not real impressed. However, if he comes out with a DVD I would gladly watch it.