K5 Learning Review

I was asked to try out this website with my daughter. We tried it for six weeks thanks to the people over at K5 Learning for allowing us to try this out for review.


K5 Learning is an online after school study program for kids in grades K-5. The program has 4 main areas Reading, Math, Spelling and Math facts. The program is set up to help build reading, math and study skills that will follow the child throughout their lifetime.

The program is customized to your child. The child will take an assessment and the program will set the program to start with what the child already knows and then develops from there as the child learns. This is an independent program and the parent/teacher receives progress reports weekly to inform them where the child is in their lessons and how they are doing.

The site offers free worksheets as well to help reinforce what they are learning after school. The program is priced at $25 for the first child ($15 each additional) a month or $199 for first child ($129 each additional) a year. It’s also 100% web based so you won’t have to worry about downloading any software onto your home computer.

Our review:

My daughter absolutely loved the math side of the lessons. She felt that they were more like games than lessons. The lessons are short for younger attention spans and reinforce the subject from previous lessons as well. They are colorful and seems to hold her attention.

That said she did not enjoy the reading lessons. She felt that they were “for little kids”. They were set up the same as the math lessons, very colorful and continues to reinforce the previous lessons while teaching new concepts but for her it was not fun.

However, as a mom, I can definitely see the benefit for kids and the flexibility this program offers. But as for my family its just not a good fit.

Thank you again to K5 Learning for allowing us the time to try this out and assess it.

K5 Learning offers a 14 day free trial for you to use and try out the program before you purchase. I highly recommend doing that before making your final judgment on this program.