Learning Success Review

I had the opportunity to try out Liz Weaver’s Learning Success program. This program is specially designed to help kids who have learning issues. The program is geared for kids who struggle with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and more.

The program is designed as an email that is sent to you daily with an activity or video to help your child physically and mentally that will develop their learning skills. The program can go as long as you need it to. It’s not a software which is nice.

Liz’s program is three strategy’s: 1) Build up the fundamental skills of Learning, 2) Build Confidence and 3) Integrate the body and mind. LSemail

The emails are sometimes fun craft activities, a learning activity and sometimes a physical or motor skill activity. Along with each email is a link with a video or directions of what to do for that days lesson. The lessons are really not long but they can make a world of difference.

She has three program options:

  1. 3 Month Starter Program $147 (or 3 easy payments of $49)
  2. 6 Month Program $249 (or 6 payments of $42)
  3. 12 Month Program $398 ( or 12 payments of $35)

My review:

This is a really great program and I like that it is delivered via email with very easy to follow instructions.  I no longer need to use the program with my daughter as her reading has greatly improved and she is almost up to grade level.  She is practicing reading every day and I know it will she will continue to improve.

I like how this program is laid out and that there is no software downloads involved. I highly recommend this program.