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A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson Review

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210587: A Sensible Arrangement, Lone Star Brides Series #1 A Sensible Arrangement, Lone Star Brides Series #1
By Tracie Peterson / Bethany HouseMarty Dandridge Olson is a widow looking for a way out of Texas. Widower Jake Wythe has secured a job as a bank manager in Denver, only to discover that the bank board wants him to be a married man. With Texas in his roots, he advertises for a Lone Star bride, and Marty answers the call. They both agree they are done with romance and love and will make this nothing more than a marriage of convenience.


My Review:

Book One in the Lone Star Brides series this is a great way to open the  series up. This was my first210587 book by Tracie Peterson that I have read and I must say that I truly enjoyed it.  As a fan of historical fiction this was totally a book I would have chosen as a personal read. It was well written with a great story that keeps your attention all the way through. It’s got enough action in it to hold your attention.  And just enough mystery and romance to feed the romantic in all of us.

A Sensible Arrangement is a story about Marty and Jake two people who had married before and both widowed.  Jake decides to marry but only in name. Marty answers an advertisement to marry a man she has never met in order to escape the vivid memories of man she loved with her whole heart.  However, as the economy changes will that disrupt Marty and Jakes plans or will they allow their fondness for each other to grow into something more?

It will capture your attention and you will find yourself rooting for Marty and Jake as they encounter many challenges to their “sensible arrangement”.

This book is available in softcover at for $9.99.


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