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A Letter to My Chevy

Dear Chevy Venture,

In the ten years we have had with you we have had our ups and downs. Mostly because of the hills we traveled. You were a faithful companion to us as you took us to and from work, church, homeschool activities and our many trips.

I know we drove you hard and yet you hardly ever complained. You never asked anything of us other than some gas, oil changes and regular maintenance. You put up with a lot with our children riding in you and their friends as well. After our youngest was born it was in you that she had her first drive home. You watched all three girls grow and go from cute little toddlers climbing over your seats and being, sometimes forcibly, belted into their car seats. I think you were finally relieved when we were finally down to one booster seat.

I remember the “first” bump you got. I went into Wal-Mart with the girls to do some shopping and when we came out the truck that had been parked behind us had backed into you and left a HUGE dent in your back door. I remember when Andy came home with you one day and the right passenger door mirror had been shattered. We weren’t even sure how that happened. If it was hit by a rock or not. And then more recently  when Andy and the girls were going to Taekwondo and were rear ended. Yet none of those things stopped you from working. You refused to quit and kept right on trucking along.

In the last few years we could tell you were getting older and no longer had the energy to do the things you once did. We tried with all our heart to mend you but I think you knew it was close to the end. I think you have been trying to tell us that we were going to have to say goodbye. As hard as it is to accept this change we know it’s time. So goodbye old friend. I hope you find rest and renewal in your next leg of life.

Thank you for understanding that the Dodge Caravan will not really replace the memories and times we shared. So adieu and farewell. You will always be in our memories.

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  1. Haha, Love this…I am also facing a goodbye to my accord in the near future…hopefully not to near though…


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