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Signs of Spring

Over the weekend it was warm and beautiful and we got out as a family and walked. We live in complex which has a small green area that is commonly referred to as a park. We live in a pet friendly area so on warm days over the spring, summer and fall you would see residents out playing with their dogs or kids in that area. It was a beautiful area with a big green grassy section and two streams flowing through it. We loved to go and explore and look for little fish, frogs and turtles.

However, this winter a family of beavers moved into our area and built a dam which caused all the water in the streams to back up and now the grassy area has been affectionately dubbed the “bayou” by my hubby. Anyway, we went looking for the dam and found it. Of course beaver’s are nocturnal creatures so we didn’t get to see the beaver’s. But their dam and evidence of their living here surrounds us. We found trees that had the top layers of bark missing from the beavers gnawing on it with their sharp teeth. As well as stumps that had been bitten into sharp points where the beavers cut down the tree to use for their dams. It was really neat looking so I took a bunch of pictures.

Beaver Dam 2014 ©

Beaver Tree ©

While walking back to our “bayou” we spotted a mallard duck and his mate sleeping on the rock of wall of where part of the stream used to be. We are hoping that they will nest and we will get to see little ducklings in the weeks ahead. Then as we walked through the yard some more we saw more signs that spring is sure to be here soon in tiny purple flowers.  Oh I so hope the warmer weather is upon us.

Ducks 1 ©

Ducks 2 ©

Of course as I write this post it is overcast and rainy outside with a threat of snow and ice. It was 66 yesterday and today when I awoke it was only in the low 30’s. I’m praying that this is the end of the cold and it will not come back at least until next winter. Even then I’m praying God might call us to Florida soon. (I’m only half way joking.)

flower ©

What is the weather like where you are? Are you ready for the seasons to change?