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Outcasts by Jill Williamson Review

724247: Outcasts, Safe Lands Series #2 Outcasts, Safe Lands Series #2
By Jill Williamson / Zondervan

Three brothers must preserve their values amidst the subjugation and lies of the government. Safe Lands protects its people, but could its high walls be its undoing?

My Review:

Book 2 of the Safe Lands series does not disappoint. If you have not read my review of book 1 in the Safe Lands series you can do that by clicking here. Keep in mind that this is a series and if you were to start reading it I highly recommend you read book 1 first. It will really help you to understand the story better. That being said book 2 not only Outcasts Review @DiannaAuton.comlives up to the same dramatic story telling of the first book but in itself is even better.

It’s as if the story itself has continued to improve. Maybe it’s because of the fact that book 1 leaves you hanging and hungry for more of the Safe Lands drama but I think its because as the story unfolds the characters grow and change. Yes you are left hanging again and yes there are still things that are left a mystery but that is the sign of a true story teller. Jill Williamson has set the bait in book 1 and completely captured us in book 2.

We continue to follow three brothers: Levi, Mason and Omar as they help their people that have been captured and are living underground in the Safe Lands. Levi is now the elder of the Glenrock people and is trying to find a way to escape from his underground location. Mason, still tasking as a medic is not only helping his brother but also trying to figure out the secrets of the thin plague that the Safe Lands people suffer from. Omar is still trying to prove himself to his big brothers and all those who are still angry at him and takes on the role of a vigilante. As the three brothers work together to get their people to safety they discover much about themselves and each other.

I was so totally dumbfounded that she left us hanging once again at the end of book 2 that I looked up her website to find out when book 3 (Rebels) would be coming out. I have to wait until August. I CAN’T. WAIT.  THAT.  LONG. I’m not kidding if you have a teen or even young adult or your young at heart you MUST check out this series of books. It’s so full of drama and intrigue and good moral values.

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