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Cottage Style

It’s so funny. I was on Pinterest today and checking out some different home styles and it is so funny how my taste is leaning more and more to cottage style. I love the light airy feeling of it and it just fits my personality so well.

So when I took the Better Homes and Garden’s Decorating Style quiz I was not surprised by the results.

Decorating Personality 2014-02-11 12-23-00

If I could find a cute cottage that had the space we need I would try my hardest to get it. Over the years my “style” has changed. Although I like a lot of different styles I really like the light and relaxing feeling of a cottage style home.

What styles and colors you lean towards says a lot about your personality. And I think this style just agrees with me the most.

What decorating style do you lean toward? What do you think it says about your personality?

Did you take the quiz? If so what result did you get?