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Looking at 2013 Through My Blog

IT’s the last day of 2013, therefore you’re probably seeing a ton of posts reflecting back over the year. Maybe even some with resolutions. On this last day of the month I wanted to share my year with you through my blog. So I hope you enjoy a look back with me. A Look Back At 2013

January:  My One Word for 2013

February: Fun in February

March: Settling In

April: Real-Life Homeschooling

May: Blogging Again

June: Dad

July: 2013/2014 Curriculum Choices

August:  What?? An Update?? Finally.

September: Auto Spell, Gotta Love It

October:  Just Thinking

November: Loving Like Jesus Week 2 Luke 18

December: Return to Fort Loudon

As 2014 begins we will leave behind all the things that have happened and open our hearts to what God has for us in our future including change if necessary. For me the entire last few years have been nothing but full of change and I don’t know that it will stop here. However, I think I’m more open to change now than I used to be. Not that it’s easy, but because I know it happens and God has a plan for us. So as we say goodbye today to 2013 remember the good, hold on to the memories but don’t live in the past. Be ready to embrace what God has for you in 2014.