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Martyr’s Fire by Sigmund Brouwer {Review}

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Posing as a beggar, Thomas escapes Magnus after fifteen men, who are calling themselves the Priests of the Holy Grail, arrive and take control of the castle through wondrous acts and apparent miracles. With the help of his longtime friend Gervaise, Thomas sets out on a journey that leads him to the ancient Holy Land. Unaware that Katherine and Hawkwood are watching over him, Thomas is tested in his beliefs and comes face to face with the ancient power that the Merlins and Druids have long been searching for.

My review:

This is a great story that is well written. It grabs your attention from the beginning. While it is part of a series (book 3 of Merlin’s Immortals), this is the only one I have read from it. Because of that it does give me enough back story where I can figure out what is going on to enjoy the story but yet you can not stop with just this book since it leaves you hanging at the end.

The story is set in early England when there were many lords and castles under King Richard. In this book you are introduced to some famous English legends from other books. The story is encompassed with literary legends throughout English history. You will find your favorites such as King Arthur and Merlin spoken of as historical fact to this story line as well as meet others.

The story of the main character Thomas and the lady Katherine is intriguing, and yet having not read the first two books, I find it a bit confusing. I would like to go back to clear some of the details up for my self. Also I found that there is much to the character Isabella that I don’t understand because of coming into this series in the middle. Over all that does not affect the whole of the story line. However, reading the other two, I believe, would be beneficial to the reader.

Since the book leaves you hanging, you will have to wait until the next book appears to find out what happens next. There is no neatly tied up plot to this one. Which makes me anxious for the next story in this series.

Overall I did enjoy the story and the writing keeps it interesting. I highly recommend this book.

Age range: Teen – Young Adult

Price: $6.29 for paperback or $7.99 for eBook

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