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Christmas Time Is Here

This year I had so much fun decorating for Christmas. Last year I didn’t get to decorate too much but that’s ok. This year I got to do so much more. Not quite as much as I would LOVE to do but more than last year. I was able to pull out all of my decorations and see what I have. I am thinking I’m going to have to get a second tree next year in order to get all of our ornaments on the tree’s. We have so many and added three more this year.

christmas 2013 collage 1

We bought a new wreath for our door this year. And a very good friend of mine sent me the snowman countdown that you see above.  She sent it for my kids but I think I may steal borrow it from them every year.

christmas 2013 collage 2

Above after we got the tree up and hubby built a fire in the fireplace I took a few photo’s and posted them to instagram. on the right is a pic after my hubby built me a faux mantle so that I could display my snowmen properly.  We also have the advent banner hung. With some snowflakes that we each made.

We keep adding little things here and there.  Can you tell I like snowmen?

(   )
(    )

I am so excited for Christmas I just can’t stand it. We’ve got so many fun surprises for the kids. I think hubby is even more excited than I am.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing and reading all about your holiday.


christmas siggie 2013

So are you excited for Christmas? What is it that you are excited about the most?