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Messiah: Origin Review


Messiah: Origin

By: Matt Dorff and Mark Arey, Illustrated by: Kai Carpenter

Published by: Zondervan

Book Description:

Origin, the first adventure in the Messiah graphic novel series, was translated by Father Mark Arey exclusively from ancient Gospel manuscripts. Father Mark, who also translated the Book of Revelation, brings a lifetime of deep study and biblical training to this monumental endeavor. His work has produced a narrative harmony that weaves the four Gospels into a single continuous story, of which Origin is the opening chapter. The magnificence of this foundational literature is realized through the exquisite and enchanting illustrations of artist Kai Carpenter. Adapted and edited into graphic novel form by Matt Dorff (also the Book of Revelation), with letters and title designs by Carlton Riffel, Origin illuminates the story of Jesus’ birth and early life through gloriously detailed and inspiring imagery. In embarking on this journey through the pages of Origin, you will find that by pairing ancient verses with original imagery new life is breathed into the accounts of Jesus’ story as expressed through the gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


My Review:

I have several graphic novel readers in my house so I started looking at ways to get more of the Bible into their daily reading habits. So Zondervan sent me005 Messiah: Origin (which was originally titled Firstborn). I was very pleased at the fact that they didn’t change the scripture at all. In fact they just drew the images to compliment the scripture text. The text was taken from ancient Gospel manuscripts. You will see it jump between the four gospels during the telling of the story of the Messiah. The Illustration’s are beautifully done. I was very impressed with them. 

I recommend this graphic novel if you have any person in your home that enjoys reading them and doesn’t necessarily enjoy reading regular books or novels or even if they get bored reading the Bible. This is just another outlet to get the Bible into the hands of people who may not normally pick it up. It’s geared for teens and young adults.

The book is priced at $13.49 at and is softcover. You can purchase the book by clicking here.