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Return to Fort Loudon

We had so much fun at Fort Loudon that we went back on a Garrison Day. It was so awesome. We went back in early November and it was a cold day. Here are a few pics and video of our time there.


Boo carried the flag of the Fort for the soldiers. She did an awesome job. I was so proud of her.


They went through the whole raising of the flag ceremony and then marched back down the hill and posed for pics with their honorary soldier for the day.


Below is a video of the firing of a cannon while at the fort. Let me just say it was much louder and you could feel the concussion of the blast. It was pretty cool.

Cannon Fire @ Fort Loudon

While there we took a family pic. You just can’t pass up the scenery that we saw there. It was a perfect opportunity to see it.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ve got some catching up to do so there will be several posts this week.