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Loving Like Jesus Week 1 Thoughts

The Good Morning Girls are just finishing week 8 of there Loving Like Jesus study on Luke 17-24. However, my group is just finishing week 1. We got started late but regardless we are learning quite a bit. Each week I will share my thoughts with you from my notes of the weeks readings.

In week 1 we covered Luke chapter 17. There was a lot to go over but mostly it’s pretty simple. FB Group banner blank

Day One: Luke 17:1-4 Jesus reminds us that there is always going to be temptation in our life. That is something we are going to have to deal with every day. He goes on to say that if you find a brother or sister in sin that we should rebuke him. Now that does not mean we should just go up to people and point out to them all of their flaws or what “we think” is wrong with them. In fact this is something that should only be done when directed by the Holy Spirit and done in love. Plus he tells us that when they ask for forgiveness we should be ready and willing to forgive regardless of how many times they ask. Forgiveness is a hard thing for many people but its something that must be done. Forgiveness is so important. Mark 11:26 says “But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings.” That is pretty strong don’t you think? I always keep that in mind when dealing with people. Not that it makes things easier but it does help. I mean I want to be forgiven, don’t you?

Day Two: Luke 17:5-10 Jesus tells us here that we don’t need a lot of faith to do big things. Just a little faith can move fig trees. However, that said the more we MemoryVerse-01use our faith and the more we get into the Word of God the bigger our faith grows. In these verses the Lord reminds us that we are to be servants. That is what Jesus came here to do, to serve others. By being a servant to others you are serving your heavenly Father. By, obeying God’s commands we are being obedient to our “master”. Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant leader.

Day Three: Luke 17:11-19 Jesus is heading toward Jerusalem and on his way he meets ten lepers. He heals them all but only one comes back to thank Jesus for healing him. Here we are reminded to keep and have a grateful/thankful heart. We should always be thankful of what the Lord does for us even in the little things. When we become thankful for the every blessing and thing in our life our heart changes and its easier to look for the blessings even during the hard times.

Day Four: Luke 17-20-25 Jesus tells us here that we will not know when the day the Lord is to return. There will be no signs. However, he says that people will say that he is here or he is there or that he has come in this form or that but it won’t be true. We must be so careful not to be mislead by those claiming to be of the Son of Man. We must hold all up to the Word of God and judge it accordingly. When the Son of Man returns there will be no doubt of who it is.

Day Five: Luke 17: 26-37 We must remain ready because everything will be business as usual when the Lord comes back. There will be no warning and we must live our lives in such a way that it brings honor and glory to God. We also want to live to be examples to those around us so that we might bring them to Christ.

Those are just some of my notes and thoughts from week 1. There is still so much to glean from those passages. Everyone should dive into the Word more deeply. That is what my group is trying to do. To grow and learn more about our Heavenly Dad.