God’s World News: News Flash Review

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I received a subscription for God’s World News magazine for grades 3rd-4th, News Flash, in exchange for an honest review. The magazine is specifically for grades 3-4 and priced at $28 per year. There are also group and school rates available as well. You get 10 magazines per year along with a full color map for your kids to use to map the news. In each issue you will find 32 full color pages about the news going on today from a biblical perspective and geared toward the grade level you choose. Also inside are activities that go along with the stories. Also included in the subscription is access to the God’s World News Kids site. There is a magazine for ever grade level.
We received a map and two back issues from the summer to read the articles and see how we can utilize it in our school. Boo, my 3rd grader, found some of the articles very interesting and enjoyed reading it with me. Many articles opened up a bunch of questions about things and we could discuss it. Her favorite was the September issue where a lot of information about robots were discussed. They showed articles about how robots are being used all over the world for very different reasons. We were able to see some very interesting things that are being tested in this field and we shared our own opinions of why we think these are good or bad.
I think News Flash will be a welcome addition to our homeschool and it will be a nice break from the norm when it comes each month. My only thing with it is that we will devour it within the first week and then have to wait 3 more weeks before we get the next one. I guess that’s not the bad thing. However during the time you are waiting for your next magazine to arrive you can fill it up with stuff from the website. There are articles, fun stuff and so much more.
Plus the publishers of God’s World News also has World which is the adult publication and shares world news from a Biblical perspective. They also sent us a free preview of World magazine as well and its really cool. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and really look through it yet since I just got it but I’ve already marked some articles that really interested me. With your subscription to World you also gain access to their site and all it has to offer.
World Magazine is a bi-weekly magazine and its priced at $59.76 per year and that includes digital access as well. Or you can go strictly digital for $35.88 per year. If you want to view the world’s news from a much different perspective then I recommend this product.

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