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YWAM Publishing George Washington True Patriot Review

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My older two girls and I recently finished doing YWAM Publishing’s George Washington: True Patriot and George Washington: Unit Study Curriculum Guide. George Washington: True Patriot is a 224 page book available in paperback, audiobook, Nook, or Kindle editions. It is priced at $6.99 and is for ages 10 and up. George Washington: Unit Study Curriculum Guide is a 64 page paperback study guide priced at $7.49. YWAM Publishing has lots of great Heroes of History and this is just one of many. You can view a complete list of biographies in chronological order by going to the website. For this review we received the Kindle version of the reader along with a PDF version of the study guide.

At first my oldest two were not real thrilled about this book. They will get bored a lot of times with the readings of other biographies we have done but I must say after we got started not only did they enjoy it but their interest comparing George Washington’s government to how far our government has gone today was piqued. GeekGirl made many comments along the way how our country GW Unit Study photo YWAM-GWUnitstudy_zps416f4e51.jpgshould go back to what it once was and how she wished we had a man like George Washington today to help lead us out of the mess we have gotten our country in. That being said, we all learned a lot even me. I am a HUGE lover of History and especially early American history and having read a lot about Washington previously was surprised to learn even more about the first President of our country.  The story was captivating and written so well. The only thing I am disappointed about was that I don’t have this one in paperback so I am thinking I will go back and purchase this and many others for our homeschool library. We had to laugh at Princess. She was so disappointed the story ended. She wanted more. I love that it left her thirsty for more knowledge about this era of our history. I am sure there will be much more research of this subject in her future.

The study guide is awesome. It has loads of questions for each chapter to make sure your children are comprehending what is being read. There are so many fun activities and research possibilities throughout. There are also suggestions of related themes you can explore for the study that incorporates the other subjects along with a list of other books and resources that you can use to further deepen your George Washington study. There are also maps, a fact sheet and timeline to utilize in your study. I’m actually looking forward to using this again with Boo as we have at least one more year before she will be doing this. But I’ve got a ton more ideas of what to do with her thanks to doing this with the older two.  I’m also looking forward to doing more unit studies by YWAM publishing. We were very happy with this product.

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