VideoText Interactive Review; Algebra: A Complete Course

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VideoText Interactive has given GeekGirl the opportunity to try out their Algebra: A Complete Course online video curriculum program. This is a complete Algebra course beginning with what we would call Pre-Algebra and ending in Algebra 2. It is taught straight through rather than taking a break from it to do Geometry. Which they also have a course for that. The Algebra course starts with 8th grade and works its way through high school. So you have a complete math course. The online price for the complete course is $299. But your getting at least 3 years worth of math. If you want you can also order it in physical form which is priced at $529. I recommend the online version. That is what we have been using and my daughter seems to like it. She seems to understand it fairly well.

With the online version you get the video lessons (there are 176); 360 pages of course notes; 590 pages of student work text; Solutions manuals and progress tests. The student is supposed to sit down and take a test taken from the previous lesson to make sure they understand and remember what was taught. Then, you would watch a 5 to 10 minute video introducing the next concept. Finally the student would then do the student work text which can be printed. The manuals, course notes, test and work text are all in PDF form so they can be downloaded and used by the student.

I love the fact that each lesson is started by a test to make sure the student has understood and retained the previous lesson before going on to the next concept. The over all goal of this course is to teach a complete mastery of Algebra by teaching it in a logical order. There are no shortcuts or tricks to this program which makes certain your student understands the concepts presented to them. Geek Girl seems to be understanding and what she isn’t we have stopped and taken the time to go over it together and make sure the concepts are being understood and remembered.  Math has never been her favorite subject but I am hoping that the more we use this program the less afraid she will be at doing her math work. I’m hoping it will boost her confidence in this area. I think it will be a huge help for her. I am already seeing improvement in her in this area and am looking forward to continuing to see improvement and mastery of this subject. So far both Geek Girl and I are happy with this program. We have used this at least 4 days a week as we work through this course together. I do recommend that the parent be very involved in this to make sure that your student is actually understanding the lesson and not just guessing. Overall I do believe this is a great program and is set up in a much more logical way of teaching Algebra. Had this been around when I was in high school I would have loved it and I believe it would have been a help to me especially in making sure I actually retained the knowledge I gained.


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