Overextended by Lisa Harper

921920: Overextended . . . and Loving Most of It! Overextended . . . and Loving Most of It!
By Lisa Harper / Thomas Nelson

Is your life stretched to the limit? Relying on scriptural insights and her humorous wit, Lisa Harper offers real-life vignettes to illustrate how burning the candle at both ends can glorify God – but only if we make time to rest in his sovereign mercy! Discover how God can expand your heart and calendar to accommodate his calling.

Overextended has come into my life “at such a time as this”… I have been so busy and so worried that I would take on too much. So when I got this book and started reading it the encouragement it brought was so refreshing. I was thrilled that I wasn’t the only that felt this way at many times. And that I can do a lot and not fail. That there is a lot on my plate and that there are days I want to just give it all up but know that I can not at this time. The Lord will not allow me. It also made me think about all the things that I am doing in life and to help me to realize that there are times when you do have to say no to things because they are keeping you from saying yes to the things you really need to do. It’s also during this time that I am stretched and taught that God has a purpose for everything in my life and everything I go through.

Lisa’s fun way of approaching this subject had me from the beginning. It made me want to continue reading. As much as it was fun the way she wrote, it did not take away from the truths that she shares. The encouragement and insights that are filled to the brim in this book are worth sitting down to read and reread. There were some times that I cried along with her in the pages of chapters 5 and 8 which in itself was a balm to my soul. One of my favorite things she wrote I posted on my Facebook and Twitter.

“Love bigger. Fear smaller. Run headlong into the arms of Jesus every single day.”

It’s not always easy loving bigger and fearing smaller but its so very easy for me to run headlong into the arms of Jesus every single day. I am so dependent upon Him. I can not do anything without him.

I am really did love this book. I loved the encouragement, the realness that she showed through her own life and the way she shares and teaches the scripture in this book is so enjoyable. Lisa is such an intelligent woman and you can see that throughout. However, I loved her vulnerability that she shows. She seems to be that way in person and I would love to one day talk with her in person. I was honored to attend a Women of Faith event in Charlotte, NC in 2011. I heard her speak and she speaks the same way she writes with such passion for the message she shares.

You can head on out to your local bookstore to get this book or click the title or image above to purchase online (this is an affiliate link). The book is priced at $11.99 for paperback and $9.99 for the e-Book.

The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids Review

371603: The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids
By Katrina Cassel / Tyndale House

Encourage your kids to discover interesting facts straight from the Bible with The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids! Featuring 365 trivia questions that lead into meaningful devotions about the questions, this book is a great way to keep curious kids on their toes and give them a reason to open their devotionals and Bibles daily. Each devotion also includes a "For You" section, which gives a simple application to kids’ lives. Recommended for ages 10-14.

My review:

This is a really cute book. It’s actually more of a devotional than just trivia. It is set up to where each page is for a different day of the year. Then it asked a question and gives you multiple choices or true/false options. Then it discusses the scripture the question was taken from with a little devotion towards the end followed by the answer and the verse where you get the answer. My oldest daughter and I went through the entire book looking at the different questions and answers and of course there were things we all remembered from growing up reading the Bible. You know the familiar stories we heard in Sunday School. But then there were things asked that I hadn’t thought of or remembered.

We thought it was a really interesting way to start out the day. Gives you something to think about and chew on while putting scripture into your hands every day. I think it’s a great book for ages 10-14 and its available in both paperback and e-Book formats. You can easily purchase this product by clicking the image or title above (this is an affiliate link).  It’s priced at $9.99 for the paperback and $9.29 for the e-Book which will release on October 1st.

I feel this is a book that is well put together, gives great application to the lives of kids and will inspire the kids to delve more into scripture. This is a great asset to any home.


VideoText Interactive Review; Algebra: A Complete Course

 photo logo_zps6535dbd7.jpg  photo Algebra_productimage_zps6b262264.jpg  

VideoText Interactive has given GeekGirl the opportunity to try out their Algebra: A Complete Course online video curriculum program. This is a complete Algebra course beginning with what we would call Pre-Algebra and ending in Algebra 2. It is taught straight through rather than taking a break from it to do Geometry. Which they also have a course for that. The Algebra course starts with 8th grade and works its way through high school. So you have a complete math course. The online price for the complete course is $299. But your getting at least 3 years worth of math. If you want you can also order it in physical form which is priced at $529. I recommend the online version. That is what we have been using and my daughter seems to like it. She seems to understand it fairly well.

With the online version you get the video lessons (there are 176); 360 pages of course notes; 590 pages of student work text; Solutions manuals and progress tests. The student is supposed to sit down and take a test taken from the previous lesson to make sure they understand and remember what was taught. Then, you would watch a 5 to 10 minute video introducing the next concept. Finally the student would then do the student work text which can be printed. The manuals, course notes, test and work text are all in PDF form so they can be downloaded and used by the student.

I love the fact that each lesson is started by a test to make sure the student has understood and retained the previous lesson before going on to the next concept. The over all goal of this course is to teach a complete mastery of Algebra by teaching it in a logical order. There are no shortcuts or tricks to this program which makes certain your student understands the concepts presented to them. Geek Girl seems to be understanding and what she isn’t we have stopped and taken the time to go over it together and make sure the concepts are being understood and remembered.  Math has never been her favorite subject but I am hoping that the more we use this program the less afraid she will be at doing her math work. I’m hoping it will boost her confidence in this area. I think it will be a huge help for her. I am already seeing improvement in her in this area and am looking forward to continuing to see improvement and mastery of this subject. So far both Geek Girl and I are happy with this program. We have used this at least 4 days a week as we work through this course together. I do recommend that the parent be very involved in this to make sure that your student is actually understanding the lesson and not just guessing. Overall I do believe this is a great program and is set up in a much more logical way of teaching Algebra. Had this been around when I was in high school I would have loved it and I believe it would have been a help to me especially in making sure I actually retained the knowledge I gained.


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The Presidential Game Review

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The Presidential Game company sent us their game for review. We were so excited to receive it and try this out.  photo GameImage_zps8848e8d7.jpg

This is a fun game for at least 2 or more players ages 11+. The game itself is priced at $35.  You divide into two teams Republicans and Democrats. The goal of the game of course is to become the next President of the United States by winning with at least 270 electoral votes. The game includes: game board; 6 dice (3 red, 3 blue); 80 politics cards; 40 “write your own” politics cards; 2 Vote cards (1 republican, 1 democrat); 150 Republican votes (red chips); 150 Democrat votes (blue chips); score pad; rules; and access code to the online webmap calculator.

When we read the rules there was a couple things that were not completely clear and therefore we had to go online to check out the FAQ’s, which were a great help. We have since learned that they have updated the rules to clarify and you can download the new updated rule book by going to the FAQ’s where the link is at the top of the page.

The girl’s were really excited to play this. Boo was too young to play so she just watched her sisters “campaign” and “fundraise” across the nation for their right to become the next President. We found the game to be much fun and it showed how the electoral vote works. Which helped them to understand better how our countries political system functions. The game of course has to set specific parameters of course by only allowing you to fundraise in three specific states but we know that is not the case in real life.  The girls quickly learned why certain states were called “battle ground” states. So as we played the game I took the opportunity to teach them important lessons about our nations voting system and why it works the way it does. I like the fact that you can choose how many “weeks” to campaign. This allows you to play longer or shorter games depending on how much time you have that day. Everyone still gets the same amount of turns and it all works out in the end. I think this was one of the most relaxed games we have ever played together. The girls loved it so much they can’t wait to play it again and again. This makes this mom happy to see them love an “educational” game. But it also makes me happy to see them playing together.

I highly recommend this game. It’s a great addition whether you are using it just for fun or as an educational supplement to government. My kids also give this game two thumbs up.

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