5 Lessons I Learned From My Dad Part 5

When I think about my dad, I think about all the lessons he taught me over time. And believe me between he and my mother I’ve learned a lot of lessons. But there a few that stand out more than others. In this series I am going to share some of those lessons that he taught me either directly or indirectly. I hope you will join me each week over the next 5 weeks as I share 5 lessons that I learned from my dad. To read Part 1 Click Here, to read Part 2 click here, for Part 3 click here and Part 4 click here.

Lesson #5: Embrace the Call

My parents tried to help me growing up by always telling me to embrace the call of God on my life. They both knew that he called me to be more than I ever believed I was. My dad was the ultimate encourager and he would always brag about my sisters and my gifting’s. You should of heard of the awesome things he 5 Lessons I Learned From My Dadwould say about my mother’s gifting’s. He was always trying to encourage all of us.

I’ve always known that God had called me into ministry in some form or another, but having come from a ministry family I also know how hard it is. It is not always easy to embrace the ministry life. What most people do not realize is that ALL Christians are called into ministry. It’s not all the same but all are supposed to go out into the world and share the gospel. Your world may not be the nations it might just be your family and your friends. But it could be the nations. Only you know what God has called you to do.

I’ve not always embraced the idea of ministry. I know that sounds terrible but its true. Most people think that being “in” ministry is some glamorous thing. But the majority of the time it is not. There is a lot of prayer, study and hard work that goes into. It’s not all spiritual. It’s physical as well. If you are an evangelist there are times when you are away from home for weeks at a time staying in hotels or in the homes of pastors or church members depending on the church. There is the

driving and/or flying and it gets tiring. Plus you have to deal with a lot of people who call you needing prayer, have questions or want/need to be counseled. Sometimes these phone calls happen in the middle of the night.  Not to mention that if you are a pastor you have to deal with the daily comings and goings of the church. You may say, “well if you are in ministry then that is what you signed up for.” Well, yes and no. Ministers are to help train and encourage. To show you were to start and then guess what….. this might come as a shock to others… YOU are supposed to go out and do the work of the ministry too. ALL of you. It’s not just the preachers job to minister to the needs of the community. It is the ENTIRE church’s job. Yet my dad always told me this for years that 20% of the church/congregation does 80% of the job/work. Of course my pastor said the same thing last week which I laughed because I had just thought that and then he said it. lol

So you can say that it doesn’t make me want to embrace the idea of ministry very quickly. Any child that has grown up in ministry knows where I am coming from. However, the majority of the kids that grow up in the ministry are usually called into ministry themselves and not all of them follow through with their callings. Mainly because they know how hard it is. I too wanted to run far far away from ministry life. Albeit, I was very happy to work in the church doing different things but I was not thrilled about the idea of doing anything else. But as I sit and type this I know that is not all God has planned for my life. Both my mom and dad are wonderful Christian ministers. They both know that there is calling on me to do whatever it is the Lord has called me to do. I believe whole heartedly that this blog is part of that. But I don’t believe that this is all. I believe there is more to come in my life. As God reveals things and opens doors for areas of ministry I am going to embrace the fact that I am one of God’s ministers and that I will go were he sends me. Whether its to people in this format. Or whether its in a different way altogether. I want to embrace ALL that God has for me.

I want you to do that as well. I want you to embrace the call of God on your life. I want you to go out and do what you know he is calling you to do. I want to cheer you on like my dad cheered me on. I know mom is doing that still.

This series has turned out to be different than I thought it would. But I have loved learning about myself more through writing it and reliving memories while I think about all the lessons not only dad but mom also taught us growing up. There are still so many lessons that I have learned and that I am still learning. I hope you will continue to follow my journey and as you read about different areas that I am growing, changing and struggling in I hope that somewhere it inspires you in your walk with the Lord.

Thank you for joining me for  “5 Lessons I Learned From My Dad”.

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